Education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. We empower your child with educational knowledge, life skills to create the most fitting path for your child and we ensure they excel year after year in their grade through the school year.

why choose us

  • As per our philosophy, our staff supports and mentors a child in all aspect of development as they continue to grow in many ways—physically, socially, emotionally, and in thinking (cognitive) skills.
  • We accept each child’s individuality.
  • We are considered as a trusted partner.
  • Parents give us feedback that they feel like they are dropping their kids to a trusted friends place.

Students will learn

  • Build Academic Vocabulary & Proper Grammar usage
  • Building Descriptive Sentences
  • Understanding Key Math Concepts
  • Improve Grades and Learning Skills
  • Practice Social Skills
  • Build Self-Confidence
  • Learn Singing and Dance
  • Participate in Drama

Winter/spring camp

Winter and Spring Break Camps are a well-known way to keep a child engaged and entertained during the school break. A great opportunity for kids to stay active, have fun, and learn in a safe environment. Each year we bring different camps for your child to enjoy, camps that include art, sports, science, language arts, and more!

Half-day and full-day options are available. Registration is open for February break, April break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Ages 5-12 are welcome. Space is limited. Camp timings are from 8:30am – 3:00pm (Monday – Friday), and extended care (3:00pm – 6:00pm) is available for an additional cost. Call for more information.

why choose us

We engage kids in a safe nurturing environment. Activities are planned based on kids’ interests so that they are constantly learning in a relaxed environment. The new skills they acquire enrich your child during the break, helping them to succeed during the school year.

  • Our vendors and instructors are super passionate about teaching kids
  • Our camp curricula are designed by experienced educators who incorporate hands-on activities, ensuring your kids learn while having a fun time!
  • Our dedicated and loving staff is prepared to make sure our campers continue to learn, have a lot of fun, and make new friends!

Students will learn

  • More Independent
  • More Confidence
  • Engage in Positive Social Interactions
  • Develop or Enhance new skills
  • Develop positive behaviors
  • Cultivate Leadership Skills

Summer camp

Whether it’s one week or entire summer, we guarantee your child will have an amazing time!! We focus on hands-on experiences in our stem based camps which include indoor and outdoor activities. Summer has become prime time for active kids to engage, learn and develop new skills or enhance existing skills each week.

Polygon Academy brings camp in Programming, Art, Creative writing, Robotics, Sports and much more …

why choose us

  • All our instructors, (who have been working with kids in their fields for years) and from our teachers to our vendors, are super passionate about helping kids grow and succeed.
  • Our camp curriculum is designed by experienced educators who incorporate hands-on activities making sure your kids learn while having a fun time!
  • Our dedicated and committed staff is prepared to make sure our campers continue to learn, have a lot of fun, and make new friends.
  • Whether in our afterschool or our summer camps, we see that an overwhelming majority of our campers return year after year, exemplifying how much the kids learn and enjoy their time at Polygon.
  • Schedule an appointment to visit our large indoor and outdoor facility and meet directly with the people that will support your kids on their journey!

Students will learn

Apart from the core camp activity, kids will also develop the skills to

  • Be independent
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Boost Self-Motivation and Self-Esteem
  • Respect Others and Work Together
  • Practice Social Skills
  • Cultivate Leadership Skills
  • and much more...


This is where I would want to leave my kid after school, a safe friendly and loving environment!!!

Anitha A.

Great staff! They were valery communicative and my son really enjoyed the camp. It was a tennis camp and they only played tennis for roughly 3 hours throughout the whole day (when I signed up I expected they would be playing the full day)...

Courtney M.

Preeti really takes care of everything so well.

Deeksha S.

We sent our son to the President's Week Ice Skating Camp. On Sunday evening, our son was adamant that he didn't want to attend the camp because he thought it would be awful. On Monday morning during drop-off, another parent..

Rensia S.

It is very important for kids to be in a friendly and homely environment, and they used to provide that homely feeling to our kids. If we are in Cupertino area, our kids push us hard to drive there to see and visit the staff.

Santhosh K.

Very friendly and responsive faculties. Keep parents very well informed on kids' progress.

Xin D.

Preeti and her team do phenomenal effort in keeping kids safe. Very responsible and helping kids grow intellectually and emotionally!!

Vidhu N.

I sent my two kids to the Ice Skating Camp for the Presidents' Week break. When I picked them up after the first day, they told me they didn't want to leave. I'd say that's a good sign! The facility was clean and spacious..

Alan T.

Ms Preeti and the entire staff is awesome. Recently, both my kids attented their ice skating camp, and they loved it!!! I am happy with their after school program and their camp. Polygon Rocks!!!!

Amandeep A.

My son absolutely loved the 1 week skating camp during President's Day week. He never skated before so I was a bit worried how he would do. But after the first day, he said he had so much fun and that he wanted to do another week of skating camp.


It was my daughter's first time at the Polygon Academy attending the ice skating camp - she loved it and it was a great way for her to practice and improve her skating. I also appreciate the extended pickup time..

Snezana S.

Good after school so far I have seen. Preeti organizes well and love the patience of Sri while handling younger kids.

Sunitha Y.



Polygon Academy takes a leap over traditional AfterSchools and summer camps. Our programs have been designed to help your child learn, grow, make friendships and cherish every moment spent at our academy.

With a strong and reliable teaching staff and top-class infrastructure, Polygon Academy has become a name for trust parents and their children alike.

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